Kiwanis Garage Sale

Thursday, Friday and Saturday
June 1, 2, 3
11405 Old Maple Road

What you can do to help:

1)  Donate Stuff

a.  Household items, furniture, sporting goods, etc.

b.  No clothes or shoes.

c.   If you need help with larger items, contact Bill and he’ll help arrange a pick up.

d.  Sally will be available all day Saturday, May 27, Tues, May 20 and Wednesday, May 31 in the evening.

2)  Tell your friends, neighbors, church groups, social media, etc.

3)  Volunteer to help on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Kiwanis Interclub

Bellevue Offutt – Friday noon at the Nebraska Medical Center at Bellevue; 25th and Hwy 370.  Lower level meeting rooms near the cafeteria; cost is $8.  President is Karen – 402-990-1295.
April 21 speaker is Gary Kebbel from UNL. 
Topic is “The changing news ecosystem:  How mobile & social media have empowered the audience”.


Field Trip! Bob has invited us to the Elkridge Independent Living community for lunch on Monday, October 10. Directions are above. Lunch is our normal $5 payable to the Kiwanis Club – but be there at 11:30! Lunch is served at Elkridge Independent Living with a salad starting at 11:30.

AllPlay – Last Dates!

The Fall softball season for AllPlay is underway! The Division 20 Kiwanis Clubs have been asked to give special consideration to helping, as a “Buddy” or other volunteer role, for two hours on Saturdays through September. 
Our Kiwanis Club of Greater Omaha is to focus Saturday, September 24th
Very simple sign up is at  
September 17 – Bellevue Offutt and West Omaha Diamond K
September 24 – Omaha Westside and Greater Omaha

Reminder: Garage Sale This Weekend!


Drop Off

Please drop off to 11405 Old Maple Road:

Sunday 2:00-4:00

Tuesday, August 23 or Wednesday, August 24. 6:00 – 8:00


Thursday 7:00 – 2:00
Need Another Volunteer

Friday 7:00 – 2:00
Need Another Volunteer

Saturday 7:00 – 2:00
Need Another Volunteer

Pick Up

Want it back? Pick up by Saturday, 2:00 anything you want back! Otherwise going to Restore and DAV!!

Other Help 

1) Spread the Word

  •  Sent out on Facebook and other social media. 
  • Tell your friends 
  • Need a volunteer to post at local business’ around 108/120 and Maple area

2) Signs 

  • Deb is working on signs. If you have any signs, old flag banners or other attraction items – please bring to the garage sale. 

3) Pricing

  •  We are not pricing everything. Just larger items. Donations are welcome. 
  • If you are donating something you know a value, please mark or let us know.

Speaker: AllPlay

Bruce came to speak from AllPlay. 

This Saturday is our club commitment to AllPlay volunteering. 
Over 400 different kids will participate this year. 
They need 70-80 volunteers a session. Beside just participating with the kids – there are greeters, announcers, set up and tear down, concessions and equipment managers. Bruce will give anyone a job that shows up to volunteer!
Kids play free, so they raise about $60,000 a year to fund the league. 
There are no paid staff. They need super volunteers. People to commit to 4 hours every Saturday of the 14 weeks to take over a task both seasons. These volunteers are key to the success of the AllPlay experience. 
Thank you Bruce for sharing the AllPlay experience. 
Kiwanis Club of Greater Omaha

Fall All Play!

The Fall softball season for AllPlay is underway! The Division 20 Kiwanis Clubs have been asked to give special consideration to helping, as a “Buddy” or other volunteer role, for two hours on Saturdays through September. Kiwanis Club of Greater Omaha is to focus on Saturday, August 27th and Saturday, September 24th.  If those dates do not work for you, they can use help any of the other dates.
Very simple sign up is at  
August 20 – West Omaha Diamond K and Southwest Omaha
August 27 – Omaha Westside and Greater Omaha
September 3 – Omaha Golden K and Omaha East
September 10 – Loveland Golden K and Bellevue 
September 17 – Bellevue Offutt and West Omaha Diamond K
September 24 – Omaha Westside and Greater Omaha

Meeting Notes

Zoo trip was a success !! Kids had a great time. 

Reminders this week:
Tuesday board meeting
Thurs at farmer brown for dinner, 630
Friday Special Olympics 6:00 at Northwest high school. See Stu. 
Sat at All Play. Sign up online at all play .org
May 26. Inter club at rock brook Garden Cafe. Noon. 

Officer elections coming up. 

Sacred heart holiday lunch

18 kids and a teacher and mr jensen ??????????????????????

We had hot dogs and  cake. ?????????????????????????????????
And we got goody bags. ☃?????????☃
We rode the bus. ????

Thank you to our guest bloggers from the 2nd Grade Class at Sacred Heart! The kids created the text (if you don’t get the emoji to come out – no worries) and the kids took the pictures. Lots of talent…. 


Our Happy Bucks Helping Others

Fellow Kiwanians:  
Our weekly Kiwanis “Happy Bucks” make a difference. Through Compassion International, we send $38 a month, and  $75 designated as a Christmas gift, to Ruth in Haiti. While we receive thank you letters from Ruth several times a year, Compassion International wants to share with you the thanks they hear from youth around the globe that are touched by your generosity and compassion. Please see the video.

I thank you as well,


Calling All Geeks!

For any web geek, Matt Cutts is a legend! And, he’s coming to speak at our Kiwanis Club on 11/9. 

MattCutts, Google Software Engineer

Matthew “Matt” Cutts is an American software engineer. He is the former head of the web spam team at Google, and is currently on leave in his role of working with the search quality team on search engine optimization issues.

2015-2016 Program Volunteers

Vince, our program coordinator, is looking for volunteers to take a month. Commit to finding speakers for the Monday meetings that month at our Kiwanis Club of Greater Omaha.

Vince has a cheat sheet of speakers he keeps to help out!

Be an Eddie – and volunteer often!

Meeting Notes

Sacred Heart reading kicked off with 5 Kiwanians volunteer reading last Friday. Dale is looking for another couple readers for this coming Friday.

KCOGO is sponsoring 2 campers to Kiwanis Leadership Camp this fall from the Hope Center. 
Vince is starting sign up for Salvation Army bell ringing Saturday, December 5. Details to come. 
Speaker Calendar for 2016 is being circulated. Even if you don’t want to commit for a month, speaker suggestions are always welcome to Vince.

Our new president reminds us that we have an easy fundraising set up! Many organizations spend hours putting together events to raise money for good works. We have 2 simple, on going ones.

Happy Bucks continues to be our primary fundraiser. $’s being accepted at every meeting.

Recycling Print Cartridges – bring to the meeting. Office Depot pays us for each cartridge we turn in. 


Sunday Picnic – Reminder

   Installation Picnic at Stu’s. Contact Rod if you have any questions!

Sacred Heart Reading

    Starts Friday. 19 kids in this years class. We should have 4 readers each session for this many kids. 
   Contact Dale to sign up. 
   If you haven’t read before, it is a worthwhile and rewarding experience. Watch for details on child protection training! Must have current child protection training to read.

All Play

Sign up for All Play – it’s our weekend with Westside Kiwanis !! 

Go Rockies
Sign up at AllPlay website.