February Speaker Schedule

February 2018
Kiwanis Speaker Schedule
February 5th– Lauritzen Gardens
                Topic – A talk about the beautiful gardens and how to become a member
February 12th– Congressman Don Bacon
Topic – A talk about what to expect during his administration
February19th– Josly Art Museum Foundation
                Topic – 
February 26th– Open Door Mission/Sienna Francis House
                Topic – 

Speaker: The Cloisters on the Platte

Joe Rickets spoke on his project, The Cloisters on the Platte.

Joe had been attending retreats in MN but decided he could bring a retreat center closer to Omaha. Joe brought in the Jesuits to run the religious program and retreats. 
Religion is based in Catholicism but not exclusive. There are men and woman weekends. The workshops are up to 80 participants.  
Retreats start Thursday with a reception and dinner. And runs all weekend.  
Retreats have started in other locations and The Cloisters opens in July 2018.

Sign up online to communicate your interest.

Speaker: Drive Spotter

Andrew Prystai and Selina spoke to our Kiwanis Club about the new software start-up, Drive Spotter.

Andrew is one of its founders and operations manager.

Drive Spotter is software designed for fleet vehicles, both in town and over the road, to improve driver safety.

Read the entire Drive Spotter story here if you missed this speaker. 

 Thank you for all the interesting information.

Kiwanis Club of Greater Omaha

Speaker: Douglas County Election Commissioner

Brian Kruse is the Douglas County Election Commissioner. This is a 4 year appointed position by the Governor of Nebraska.

The office is on 114 and Davenport.  There are 13 full time employees.  The chief deputy is mandated to be from an opposite party. 
This year the registration increased to over 350,000.  Registration is now available online. And this year was a record year. 
There was 69.8% turn out this last presidential election. Two other issues drove people to vote this year, according to Brian, beside presidential – the death penalty and the congregational race. 
In comparison, usually 28% of registered voters turn out for mayor election in May. 
Poll workers can be drafted in Nebraska.  This is unique to this state. Douglas county is the only county to use this method. 40% of poll workers are draftees.  A draftee has to work 4 elections. This process works similar to jury duty.  Poll draftees can seek exemption. Poll draftees get paid minimum wage. Employers are not allowed to penalize or otherwise interfere with draftees employment.
Thank you Brian for all the information. Kiwanis members can contact Brian for more information.

Kiwanis Speaker Calendar

Thanks Shawn for securing an awesome August Kiwanis Speaker Calendar: 

Aug 1=  Teammates

Aug 8th =  Angie Urosevich; Election Systems & Software

Aug 15=  Hetra

22nd=  Bruce; Allplay


Alan with The Maschhoffs Farms

Approximately 800 family farms with 6 feed mills. 69% pork and 31% chicken.  Largest family owned pork producers in the US. 
Maschhoffs makes a partnership with farmers to raise their hogs and chickens.  
About 13% of the Wean-to-Market is produced in Nebraska. They are looking to grow those relationships in Nebraska. 
Thanks Alan for the information about feeding pigs. 

June Speaker Schedule

June 20

Maggie Stryson and David Demyan

Special Olympics

June 27

Justin Frederick

Douglas County Health Department
Communicable Disease and Epidemiology

Topic: Zika Virus

June Speaker Schedule

Stu has an excellent speaker schedule lined up for our Kiwanis Club in June. Reminder to bring a guest to any and all of our meetings! 

June 6
Lane Worley
Omaha Police Department
Topic: Child Abuse

June 13
Beth Greiner
Children’s Hospital
Topic: Children’s Foundation

June 20
Maggie Stryson and David Demyan
Special Olympics

June 27
Justin Frederick
Douglas County Health Department
Communicable Disease and Epidemiology
Topic: Zika Virus

May Speaker Schedule

May 16   
David Arnold, Straight Shot Technology Start-up Accelerator

May 23   
Nathan Morgan, United Methodist Ministries “Big Garden”

May 30    
No Meeting

 Your Kiwanis Club of Greater Omaha reminds you – remember a veteran on Memorial Day!

Speaker: Ms Czech-Slovak US

Meagan Kurmel – Miss Czech-Slovak US 2015-16
Meagan was crowned in Wilber, Czech capital of the US.
She has traveled around the US.  Meeting people, attending parades, and representing the Czech community.

Meagan likes to mentor young girls to embrace their heritage. Meagan had a little sister for Wilber Days. 

Girls can compete from ages 16-26. There were 10 ladies competed for Ms Nebraska. There are 9 pageants across the US. 
If you know any young ladies interested please contact Jack and he’ll connect you with Meagan! Or contact Meagan on social media. 

Speaker: Leadership for Life

Todd is the director for Leadership for Life. 

Bringing people together to develop leaders. 
Combination of for-profit and non-profit leaders together for these year long workshops. 
See their website: www.lflomaha.org for more details.  

Speaker: League of Women Voter


Register to vote online: 
Early voting is starting in Nebraska.  Cheaper and easier than ever. Now the ballot can be folded. Means a regular first-class stamp can be used. 
Tuesday May 10 is primary election. 
Tuesday Nov 8 is Election Day. 
Vote by absentee ballot, online or in person. 
LWV holds educational events. Helping students understand how voting works. They assist new citizens in registering to vote.  

Thanks to the League of Women Voters – Omaha for speaking at Kiwanis today.  

Speaker: Americans for Prosperity

Matt works for the Americans for Prosperity Foundation.

Mission to be a leader in economic freedom, support legislation and encourage people’s opportunity and well being. 
Rates we pay for legislative cost (utilities for example). Legislative and policies that prohibit growth. And educating people on fiscal responsibility. 
Get out the vote is one mission. Lobbying. And education. 
Simplifying the tax code. State control of spending. Increase medical access and control cost. Removing subsidies for certain energy sectors.  
Thanks, Matt, for all the information. 

March Speaker Reminder!

March 21st 

Matt Litt
State Director for Americans for Prosperity Foundation
March 28th 
Todd Conkright, LFL 
Director & Board Member, Leadership for Life 

April Speaker Schedule

April 4                   Elaine Johnson – League of Women’s Voters of Nebraska

April 11                 Whitney Mastin – Midlands Mentoring Partnership

April 18                 Meagan Kurmel – Miss Czech-Slovak US 2015-16

April 25                 Merlyn Klaus – Good News Jail & Prison Ministry 


February Speaker Calendar

February speakers:


2/1  Laura Malone, Director of Omaha Public Libraries.


2/8  Cindy Vanbibber, Director of Veterans Cemetery, Sarpy County.


2/15  Jeff Niebaum, Senior Communications Specialist, Better Business Bureau.


2/22  Kenny Point, Midwest Park Service.  He will speak on the Lewis & Clark Expedition.


2/29  Chris Stratman, Director, Keep Omaha Beautiful.

December Meeting Calendar

December 7 will be the Sacred Heart 2nd grade class Holiday Lunch

December 14 will be Paul Woodward with the Papio-Missouri River NRD.  He will talk about Integrated Management Planning for water resources in the Platte River basin.  The title of his talk will be:  “Nebraska Water Management:  Conflict or Cooperation?”
December 21 will be Jason Skold from The Nature Conservancy.  Jason and Joel have been involved in a committee that is working towards environmental recovery of the Missouri River but his talk will be more about The Nature Conservancy.  The title of his talk is “The Nature Conservancy”.
December 28 Informal meeting at Boystown Café.  
January 18 will be Rose Hargrave from the Corps of Engineers.  Her topic will be the Missouri River Recovery Program.


Respectfully submitted by Joel and Kip, December and January Kiwanis Speaker Chairs

The Kim Foundation

Julia Hebenstreit is the executive director of The Kim Foundation. 

Prevention and intervention for mentally

challenged individuals. They help the family as well as the person. They help both youth and adults. 

Programs include “Don’t be Sidelined”, and LOSS Team. There are tools online to find resources and learn about various illnesses. 
1in 4 experience someone with mental health issues. 
They provide over 60 speeches a year. Some to service groups but also specific talks. For example, a cutting talk to middle school students. 
Thank you, Julia, for the excellent information for our Kiwanis Club of Greater Omaha.