Kiwanis Happenings

Friday, September 9 – Interclub! 

KCOGO members; please plan to attend the Omaha Inc. Kiwanis Club’s September 9 meeting for an Interclub at the Scott Conference Center! The speaker will be Bob Dalrymple, Regional President at Bank of the West. Mr. Dalrymple will be speaking about Corporate On-line Security. This will be a good opportunity to interact and learn about another club plus a highly educational meeting!
Fri Sep 9, 2016 11:45am – 1pm
Scott Conference Center, 6450 Pine St, Omaha, NE 68106, United States (map)

Contact Joel for future interclubs.

Happy shoppers @ Kiwanis Garage Sale!

Kiwanis Summer Picnic and Officer Installation Party

Sunday, 9/18
At the home of the Ellison’s. Sign up at Monday’s meeting. 
Garage Sale a Huge Success
The garage sale generated a net of over $830 to help our work with Omaha kids.
A big thanks to Sally, Deb, Bill, Bob and Dale for their hours working the sale. 
And a big thanks to all those who donated. Jerry will have donation receipts on Monday.

Speaker: Outlook Nebraska

Outlook Nebraska came to speak at Kiwanis Club of Greater Omaha. 

One mission is to help train people loosing their vision how to continue to use technology. Technology helps keep people engaged with the world. 
Loss of vision can cause job change or withdrawal from the world. Outlook Nebraska teaches people what they can use to work and continue in life.  
There are various levels of vision ability. Low vision to total blindness. 
Tools available for reading computer pages, working on email and calendar. 
There are smart apps and readers. Like money reader, cfab document reader (menu,documents), and color reader. 
There are about 15,000 visually impaired in the area.  The unemployment rate is about 70%. 
Outlook Nebraska is privately funded thru grants and private donations. 

Speaker: AllPlay

Bruce came to speak from AllPlay. 

This Saturday is our club commitment to AllPlay volunteering. 
Over 400 different kids will participate this year. 
They need 70-80 volunteers a session. Beside just participating with the kids – there are greeters, announcers, set up and tear down, concessions and equipment managers. Bruce will give anyone a job that shows up to volunteer!
Kids play free, so they raise about $60,000 a year to fund the league. 
There are no paid staff. They need super volunteers. People to commit to 4 hours every Saturday of the 14 weeks to take over a task both seasons. These volunteers are key to the success of the AllPlay experience. 
Thank you Bruce for sharing the AllPlay experience. 
Kiwanis Club of Greater Omaha

Kiwanis Interclub

KCOGO members; please plan to attend the Omaha Inc. Kiwanis Club’s September 9 meeting for an Interclub at the Scott Conference Center! This will be a good opportunity to interact and learn about another Kiwanis club plus a highly educational meeting!
Fri Sep 9, 2016 11:45am – 1pm
Scott Conference Center, 6450 Pine St, Omaha, NE 68106, United States (map)
The speaker will be Bob Dalrymple, Regional President at Bank of the West. Mr. Dalrymple will be speaking about Corporate On-line Security.

Speaker: Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy

Per their website, HETRA was started in 1989 by Steve and Janet Henthorn of Omaha, Nebraska.  The program started with one participant, one horse, and three volunteers.  HETRA now has 19 therapy horses, 21 PATH, Intl. certified instructors, and over 115 participants.  They also offer services in Therapeutic Riding, Hippotherapy, Equine Services for Veterans, and Therapeutic Carriage Driving.  HETRA is a non-profit 501c3 organization and is currently the only PATH Premier Accredited Therapeutic Riding Center in Nebraska!
HETRA serves a variety of participants including children and adults with disabilities such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida, muscular distrophy, cystic fibrosis, brain tumors, head or spinal cord injuries, visual impairment, autism, development delays and strokes.  In 2014, HETRA served 192 unique participants (both children and adults) per week and our goal is continue to expand the program this year.

Speaker: the expert company

Aerobic precision manure management.  

Controls smell, runoff and water issues 
Adding oxygen to manure pits adds to crop production by adding nitrogen to the fertilizer. 
They also expose more of the water to sunlight. 
Dominate the pond with good microbial bacteria and use nature to purify the pond. Take that and apply to the fields. 

Kerwin Miller with “The Expert Company” regarding Environmental Solutions for Agriculture. 

Thanks for educating our Kiwanis club on aerobic farm lagoon management.  

Speaker: Children Hospital

Beth came to speak to us about Children’s Hospital.  

Children’s hospital started in 1948 when Mrs Henry Doorly was checking out of the hospital when a family was trying to check their child in for treatment for polio but didn’t have the $5. She went home and organized her husband to help raise the money for a Children’s Hospital.  

Children’s is working on having services around the Nebraska area. 
There is a level 4 NICU on 2 floors at Methodist. These babies come from other hospitals for care.  Parents have the Carolyn Scott Rainbow House available for stay. 
The new 9 story tower and parking garage is being built. Home to the Level 4 NICU plus heart and other critical care units. 
Children’s has set new bars of excellence. Including emergency Level I, safe rooms, grow 50% in employees, etc. Doubling their economic impact to the Omaha community. About $400 M project. Opening 2020. 

Thank you Beth for all the valuable information. 

Kiwanis Interclub

Bill led a group to Olive Garden for an Kiwanis Interclub.

Bill, Sally, Jerry, Allan and Jack attended to hear Diane Bottiato speak.

Reminder: Interclub Visit

Join us on an Interclub Visit to the Kiwanis Club of Southwest Omaha on Thursday, May 26.

Noon at the Garden Café in Rockbrook. 
Their May 26 speaker is John Fech with the UNL Extension Office.
Sign up on Monday at our Kiwanis meeting or contact Joel Christensen joel_christensen@mudnebr.comor just show up on the 26th!

Meeting Notes

Zoo trip was a success !! Kids had a great time. 

Reminders this week:
Tuesday board meeting
Thurs at farmer brown for dinner, 630
Friday Special Olympics 6:00 at Northwest high school. See Stu. 
Sat at All Play. Sign up online at all play .org
May 26. Inter club at rock brook Garden Cafe. Noon. 

Officer elections coming up. 

Speaker: Better Business Bureau

The BBB in Omaha was started in 1936. 

BBB helps consumers find reputable companies. And protection or answers about scams. 

BBB does work with business to help consumers not get scammed. Banks are starting to help consumers know if a check is legitimate.  
Scammers are targeting the elderly because they know they are home. Asking for money , credit card, or personal information. 
Thanks Jeff for all the valuable consumer protection ideas! 

Speaker: Honor Flights

Patriotic Production Bill William

Multiple flights have been arranged for veterans to DC and other flights. 
The next trip is for Vietnam veterans. Over 700 applied. There are 3 planes of 500 Nebraska vets. 
June 6 is the day. The vets land at 9:30 at Eppley. The public is invited to greet them home. 
The wives also spend a day in Nebraska at lunch with the First Lady in Lincoln.  
Another event – Remembering Our Fallen – invited 23 widows and children to the camp in Ashland. The kids were taken to activities. The women had a catered dinner and spa night. A full day of remembrances the next day. 

California- Remember Our Fallen- is a the Regan Library. 

Speaker: Jail Ministry

Merlyn Klaus is our speaker from the Jail and Prison Ministry. 

After 25 years at Channel 6 in Omaha, Merlyn followed his calling. In 2004, he started in Seminary. He graduated in 2009. Since he is with both the Jail Ministry and at Salem Baptist Church. 
The cost of housing prisoners is raising. Over $30k per year per prisoner at costs for Nebraska and Iowa over $400 million annually. 
The Ministry is looking for volunteers to run Bible studies and work with inmates. The process takes months to pass background checks and training.  

Contact information:

Thanks, Merlyn, for the interesting information. 
             Kiwanis Club of Greater Omaha

Meeting Notes – Check The Dates!!!

Giving $100 to Jesuit Academy as our April contribution. 

Looking to fill officers. John Hartwell is president elect. Jerry will continue as treasurer. Kip will continue as secretary. Three board at large positions are open. These are 2 year terms. 
Tshirts available for $15. 
Thurs, May 19 dinner. 
Friday, May 20 Special Olympics
Saturday, May 21 All Play 
Sacred Heart Zoo trip May 12. 

Yard Clean Up

Since 2011, our Kiwanis Club has helped a disabled gentleman with his yard maintenance.

Deb organized volunteers last Saturday for spring cleanup.

There were 6 volunteers: Deb and her husband Eric, Rod, Bill, Sally and her son Nick.

Combined effort produced a clean roof, gutters cleared, air conditioner cleaned, and sticks, leaves and yard mowed, racked and cleared.

Robert appreciated the effort!

But, for those that missed the story – we also had a bit of a plumbing mishap. The hose coupler on the house broke off. With many calls, Deb found a plumber to cap off the pipe and restore the water service. Donations welcome to help our Kiwanis club recoup the cost! Thanks.

Meeting Notes: Yard Clean Up Tomorrow & Mark Your Calendars!

Yard Clean Up

Tomorrow! April 16

Saturday Deb asked for volunteers to help out clean up a gentleman’s lawn, gutters, and branches that have fallen down.  This will start at 9:30 at 40th & Laurel.  Contact Deb, Rod or Bill if you can make it to help out this disabled man.  We helped him last year and ended up having over 40+ bags of yard waste to be picked up.  This is a way to serve our community.

Dinner Party 

May 19th 
Farmer Browns 
Cocktails 6:30 
Dinner     7:00
Each person can order off the menu and will be responsible to pay for their drinks and dinner.  
RSVP with Bill by next Monday

Special Olympics

May 20th we will host the high jump again at the Special Olympics.  

Sacred Heart to the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo

May 12th from 10-12:00+. 

Speaker: Keep Omaha Beautiful

Chris is the new executive director of Keep Omaha Beautiful.

Environmental non profit. Litter, beautification and education are the three key roles.  
Started in 1959. Omaha embraced glass recycling as an early project. 

Keep Omaha Beautiful offices in the city building. They work with parks, trash control and City Wide Spring Clean Up. 
Thank you for educating us on the new mission of Keep Omaha Beautiful.  

Speaker: National Park Service

Kenny work for the NPS on the Lewis and Clark Trail. 
3,700 mile trail. 
1804 – 1806 Lewis and Clark journey. 
Only 33 people made the entire journey. 

Council Bluffs was named for meeting with the Indians.  

Clark did the Mapping of the territory was one critical function. Lewis documented plants along the way. 

They men are about 9 pounds of meat a day. They hunted and traded Indians for goods. 
Thank you Kenny for the excellent information. 

March Speaker Calendar

March 7th    

Dr. Natalie Manley from UNMC 
Internal Medicine Division of Geriatrics will be speaking on Healthy Aging.
March 14th  
Troy Wharton
Principle at the Jesuit Academy
March 21st 
Matt Litt
State Director for Americans for Prosperity Foundation
March 28th 
Todd Conkright, LFL 
Director & Board Member, Leadership for Life