Omaha Volunteering

The Kiwanis Club of Greater Omaha is involved in many community affairs! The club volunteers for reading to the second graders at Sacret Heart plus sponsors the class by helping the class purchase electronic equipment to use in the classroom, take the class on an outing like the zoo, bring the class to the Kiwanis weekly meeting to witness how we run a meeting, Also the club reaches out to the community and helps with yard cleanup for people who are unable to do that work themselves. The club also volunteers at ALL PLAY which is an organization that lets all the handicap play baseball. We sponsor a team and help with the cleanup and operation of the snack bar. In the Summer the club helps out with the Special Olympics by volunteering to help out with the Long Jump activity. During the holiday season the club rings bells for the Salvation Army. The club’s main theme are the Children in need. The international club sponsors a drive to eliminate a disease or a problem through out the world that can possibly be stopped. Where ever the need the Kiwanis Club will see that they will try and help.

Buddies do as little as possible but as much as needed so the kids have a great time.

There are volunteer opportunities every Saturday.
There are now 250 kids participating. It takes about $30,000 to keep it free for the kids.
Website: www  Check out the volunteer tab for 2 hour assignment sign ups.

Kiwanis has worked with Sacred Heart second graders for many years and has had a lengthy relationship with the school. Some of the Kiwanians read with Sacred Heart children. Once a year the club takes an annual field trip with the second graders to the Omaha Zoo. Around Christmas time the club invites the second graders to a Christmas lunch meeting with the children during one of its weekly meetings. During this lunch meeting the club gives each child a bag full of items that the children can use in their classroom. When the need arises the club donates to the class such as ipads or books or whatever the class needs to help them learn.