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The Kiwanis Club of Greater Omaha is involved in many community affairs! The club volunteers for reading to the second graders at Sacret Heart plus sponsors the class by helping the class purchase electronic equipment to use in the classroom, take the class on an outing like the zoo, bring the class to the Kiwanis weekly meeting to witness how we run a meeting, Also the club reaches out to the community and helps with yard cleanup for people who are unable to do that work themselves. The club also volunteers at ALL PLAY which is an organization that lets all the handicap play baseball. We sponsor a team and help with the cleanup and operation of the snack bar. In the Summer the club helps out with the Special Olympics by volunteering to help out with the Long Jump activity. During the holiday season the club rings bells for the Salvation Army. The club’s main theme are the Children in need. The international club sponsors a drive to eliminate a disease or a problem through out the world that can possibly be stopped. Where ever the need the Kiwanis Club will see that they will try and help.

Places the club volunteers for

Kiwanis has worked with Sacred Heart second graders for many years and has had a lengthy relationship with the school.  Some of the Kiwanians read with Sacred Heart children.   Once a year the club takes an annual field trip with the second graders to the Omaha Zoo.  Around Christmas time the club invites the second graders to a Christmas lunch meeting with the children during one of its weekly meetings. During this lunch meeting, the club gives each child a bag full of items that the children can use in their classroom.   When the need arises the club donates to the class such as pads or books or whatever the class needs to help them learn.

A child at Sacred Heart wrote a very nice thank you note to the club.

Bruce Froendt is the president of AllPlay in Omaha. Bruce recently spoke to the Kiwanis Club.

There is a barrier free play structure next to the AllPlay baseball fields. A splash park was also recently added. This inlcudes a concession stand.

The facility is available for sign up and open daily. Rent-able for $75 when not in use by the Miracle Baseball League.

There are 200 Miracle leagues nationwide.

Ever child plays for free. There is 14 weeks of play.

All monies raised go to the kids and facilities. Volunteers can act as a buddy, umpires, and announcers.

Buddies do as little as possible but as much as needed so the kids have a great time.

There are volunteer opportunities every Saturday.
There are now 250 kids participating. It takes about $30,000 to keep it free for the kids.
Website: www Check out the volunteer tab for 2 hour assignment sign ups.

The Kiwanis Club of Greater Omaha volunteers every year at the Special Olympics event and helps out with running the Standing Long Jump event for all athletics to enter this event.   The club has volunteered for this event for the past 30+ years.  It is very special to help the contestants and see how much they love to compete in the Special Olympics events.

The Kiwanis Club of Greater Omaha cleans a section of Highway 31 four times a year.  We maintain the section from Highway 36 south for two miles.  The attached picture shows a crew of Kiwanians ready to clean the highway with the orange bags and with vests to signify to people that we are cleaning along the highway.

Every year the Kiwanis Club of Greater Omaha volunteers to help ring the bell for The Salvation Army.  We always have one day set aside to volunteer for that day at several different sites to ring bells.  The Kiwanians volunteer two hours of their time and ring the bell in front of a shopping center location from 9:00-4:00.  Each Kiwanian also contributes money from their own funds and drop the envelope in the kettle.

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The Kiwanis Club of Greater Omaha reaches out to the local community to help with yard clean-ups and helping in neighborhoods where there is a need to help those who can not keep up their home due to a physical or other problem.  The club has reached out to help clean up a yard or help paint a house or even help fix some items in the home that needed fixing.  The Kiwanians donate their time and energy to accomplish these tasks.

The Kiwanis Club of Greater Omaha Scholarship is awarded annually to undergraduate students at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Eligible students are active members of UNO’s chapter of Circle K and may be pursuing any major at UNO.

Scholarships help UNO attract students who demonstrate promise, possess remarkable talent, or add a unique dimension to the student body.  Only 26 percent of UNO students have their financial need fully met.  Scholarships, like the Kiwanis Club of Greater OmahaScholarship, help alleviate the financial burden of pursuing a college degree.  They also help the recipient fully invest their energies in their coursework and in all the activities and opportunities a premier metropolitan university like UNO has to offer.