Volunteering: Sacred Heart at the Zoo!

Best day of volunteering is taking kids to the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo. Last week, many Kiwanis went to the Zoo with Teammates. This week it’s Sacred Heart 2nd Grade!

Many of the children said at lunch their favorite was to see the 16-day-old baby giraffe.

Kiwanis Garage Sale

Thursday, Friday and Saturday
June 1, 2, 3
11405 Old Maple Road

What you can do to help:

1)  Donate Stuff

a.  Household items, furniture, sporting goods, etc.

b.  No clothes or shoes.

c.   If you need help with larger items, contact Bill and he’ll help arrange a pick up.

d.  Sally will be available all day Saturday, May 27, Tues, May 20 and Wednesday, May 31 in the evening.

2)  Tell your friends, neighbors, church groups, social media, etc.

3)  Volunteer to help on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

2 Week Holiday Break

For all the holidays you celebrate, enjoy your time with family and friends.

No Monday meetings on 12/26 and 1/2. 

See you in the New Year, 

Kiwanis Club of Greater Omaha

Holiday Party

With 17 energy filled children from Sacred Heart, lunch was great fun. Singing carols, talking about upcoming Christmas presents, and what they are reading in school, the kids kept the adults well entertained.

John also presented a check for $3,000 total from the Kiwanis Club of Greater Omaha and the Nebraska-Iowa District Kiwanis Foundation for the Sacred Heart technology fund. This will purchase a number of iPads and headsets for the second grade.

NE-IA Distric Kiwanis Foundation Awards $1,000 to Sacred Heart

Congratulations to our partner, Sacred Heart, in receiving an additional $1,000 for additional technology resources in the 2nd grade classroom. Earlier this year, the Kiwanis Club of Greater Omaha donated $2,000 toward the purchase of computer tablets for the second grade class.

Kiwanis Club of Greater Omaha submitted a grant proposal to the NE IA District Kiwanis Foundation and just received word of the award.

There will be 17 children for lunch at the German American Society on Monday, 12/12. Please plan on attending.

We look forward to our reading time so the kids can teach the Kiwanians how to use their new computer equipment.

Kiwanis Out Ringing Bells

Last Saturday, Kiwanis Club of Greater Omaha was at two locations ringing bells for the Salvation Army. Pictured below are Deb, Joe, Sally, John and Jack at Baker’s in west Omaha.
Thanks to all who participated and to the spouses that also contributed an hour of their time to our community. 

Kiwanis Business Meeting

What have we done in 2016?

Kiwanis members gave an average of 27 hours of volunteering per member, per month. 
Kiwanis Club of Greater Omaha gave over $5000 in charitable giving. The largest single donation was a technology gift to Sacred Heart kids. Other donations went to a UNO Scholarship, All Play team sponsorship, Camp Okay and many individual worthy organizations.  
There is a long list of activities from this year with nonprofits. Special Olympics long jump officiating. AllPlay volunteering.  Salvation Army bell ringing. Sacred Heart reading.  Teammates.  
Plenty of service hours were done. Highway cleanup. Yard cleanup for disabled. AllPlay field spring cleaning and painting. 
And – we have fun! Taking Sacred Heart second grade to the zoo. Chinese New Year party. Summer picnic. Interclubs. 

What’s coming in 2017?

Yes, your Kiwanis club has a sustainable path. The board expects the dues will remain the same and 2017 outlook is busy and bright.

Membership is active and we initiated a new member last week. 

Our primary goal for 2017 is keeping our commitments to kids in our community. To do that, we need to grow our membership. Bring a guest once a month to a Monday meeting.

Have a great Thanksgiving,

Speaker: Boys Town

Linda Schuckmann is our speaker on Boys Town. 

Interesting information:

  • In the last 11 years, Father Boes has doubled the number of kids and families serviced by Boys Town. 
  • In Omaha alone there are 68 homes with over 350 children currently living on Boys Town campus. 
  • Boys Town is really its own incorporated town. They have their own mayor, who is elected from the youth population. Their own schools, police and other services. 
  • Boys Town has grown its foster care and family consultation services over the past few years. 
  • Boys Town also have facilities around the country helping youth plus their Suicide Hotline. 
  • In Omaha and beyond, Boys Town is known as a hearing specialist. Their work helps both youth and adults with hearing issues. 

Thanks, Linda, for all the information! 

June Speaker Schedule

June 20

Maggie Stryson and David Demyan

Special Olympics

June 27

Justin Frederick

Douglas County Health Department
Communicable Disease and Epidemiology

Topic: Zika Virus

Meeting Notes

Another yard cleaned up! Thanks to Deb, Rod, Bill and Joel plus wife cleaned up another yard for an elderly lady on 40 and Laurel. Great work Kiwanians!!

May 12. Zoo for Sacred Heart on Thursday.  Meet at the zoo at 9:45. 
May 19. Casual dinner at Farmer Brown’s. 
May 20. Special Olympics volunteering. Contact Vince. 
May 21. All Play Saturday – our club’s day! Sign up online at all play.org. 
May 26. Inter club at Garden Cafe in rock brook. 
June 6. Honor Flight lands at 9:30 at Eppley. Welcome them home from their day in DC. 

Our Happy Bucks Helping Others

Fellow Kiwanians:  
Our weekly Kiwanis “Happy Bucks” make a difference. Through Compassion International, we send $38 a month, and  $75 designated as a Christmas gift, to Ruth in Haiti. While we receive thank you letters from Ruth several times a year, Compassion International wants to share with you the thanks they hear from youth around the globe that are touched by your generosity and compassion. Please see the video.

I thank you as well,


Huskers and Teammates – a Winning Combination

Saturday for Husker game the Omaha Board for Teammates is having an event for the game.  We rented out the bar Vodoo at 168th and Dodge.  Only $10 and that comes with food and 2 drink tickets (attached is more info).  Should be good time with big TV/Raffle/past players, helps teammates, and might be great way to find more Kiwanis members.  If you can make it let me know we are tryng to get a count.  Anyone I maybe missing from our group or in general you think would like to attend please pass on.  


Shawn B. Linehan,  LUTCF, FSCP
3345 N 109th Plaza, Omaha NE 68164
P:  (402) 934-7887 ext 415


Calling All Geeks!

For any web geek, Matt Cutts is a legend! And, he’s coming to speak at our Kiwanis Club on 11/9. 

MattCutts, Google Software Engineer

Matthew “Matt” Cutts is an American software engineer. He is the former head of the web spam team at Google, and is currently on leave in his role of working with the search quality team on search engine optimization issues.

November Speaker Calendar

2- Sarah Moore, Communities In Schools of Mid-America at Omaha

9- Matt Cutts, Google Software Engineer
16-Jill Hamilton, Kim Foundation
23-Jon Jacobson, Co-Host of KMA Radio’s “You Aint Heard Nothin’”
30-Mike Johnson, National Parks Service
There is a committee working on a new meeting location. Ideas are welcome to Eddie or Vince. 

Speaker: Show Mercy International.

Uganda Trip by local travelers, the Walkers

Women in Uganda are not allowed to wear anything but skirts or dresses. So they brought girls dresses and boys shirts and shorts. 
There is no water, electricity or sewers. 

Outreach. School, elderly, medical, food, marketplace and prison outreach. 

Thank you for coming and sharing.

KCOGO Officer Installation Picnic

Officer installation was held for the new Kiwanis Club of Greater Omaha. 
Rod Muench – President
John Hartwell – President Elect
Jack Pagel – Immediate Past President
Kip Squire – Secretary
Jerry Coleman – Treasurer 
Thank you to Marcia and Stu Ellison for hosting the Kiwanis picnic. 


Sunday Picnic – Reminder

   Installation Picnic at Stu’s. Contact Rod if you have any questions!

Sacred Heart Reading

    Starts Friday. 19 kids in this years class. We should have 4 readers each session for this many kids. 
   Contact Dale to sign up. 
   If you haven’t read before, it is a worthwhile and rewarding experience. Watch for details on child protection training! Must have current child protection training to read.