Speaker Schedule

Speakers for the upcoming meetings

July 23rd:  J. Larson, “The Bug Man”!  Speaking on the Ash Tree Emerald Borer and other tree diseases.
July 30th:  Jessica Koltermann-Lincoln Premium Poultry

August 6th  A’Jamal R. Byndon-Will Discuss the DMC issues important to the residents of Douglas County.
August 13th:  Dr. Robert Smith-Professor of Chemistry at UNO Will talk about Global Temperatures.
August 20th:  Pat Boyle: Director of Community Relations at Metro Community College.  Pat will speak about what all is offered to the public at MCC.
August 27th Gary Girad-Executive Director of Continuing Education at Metro Community College.

Program Volunteer for obtaining speakers for each month of the year!

January Kip Squire
February John Hartwell
March Stu Ellison
April Dan Kraemer
May Greg Carlson
June Rod Muench
July Eddie Biewer
August Bill Spiecker
Sept Jack Pagel
October Shawn Linehan

    Special Meetings-Social

Sunday, September 9th  Summer Picnic at Stu & Marcia Ellison’s home from 3-7pm. This includes spouses or significant others.