May Speaker Calendar

Monday, May 1st: We will be learning about “Citizen’s Patrol” They patrol neighborhoods to help in keeping our neighborhoods safe. We will have 2 speakers. The first will be Rick Majec. Rick organized, and is in charge of the       “Citizen’s Patrol” for my neighborhood, Westwood Heights.  Joining Rick will be Roger Hansen, who is the President of “Citizen’s Patrol”.

Monday, May 8th:Officer Ruben Soto with the Omaha Police Department’ts “Crime Prevention, and Neighborhood Services” Department will be presenting. Officer Soto will be offering ways to avoid various Scams, and ways to be Safe. Officer Soto will also give an overview of the current 4 Districts, along with the future Elkhorn District. Officer Soto’s Department also works closely with the Citizen’s Patrol Group (our May 1st Speakers)..

Monday, May 15th: Brian Osborne with Nebraska Children’s Home Society, where Brian is the Chief Development Officer. Brian will introduce us to his Non Profit that works with Families and Children in the Omaha area.
Some of the services provided by the Nebraska Children’s Home involve Adoption,  and Foster Children.

Monday, May 22nd:Laura Schoenrock with UNO will speak about her work in the Nebraska Prison System.  Laura’s works on Rehabilitation of Inmates prior to, and after their release. The goal is to aid in a smoother transition, and reduce the chances of returning to prison.

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