Speaking of Kiwanis…

At our Monday meeting we have very interesting local speakers from around the business community, also from non profit organizations and from local interest groups that will help the club members become more knowlegeable with the local community.   We try to seek speakers from the community to keep the club members  updated about the different community organizations where the club can help make a difference.


Here is just a sampling:

One of the many speakers the club asks to speak at the club!

May Speaker Calendar

May 2     
Bill Williams/ Patriotic Productions Honor Flights

May 9     
Jeff Niebaum, Better Business Bureau

May 16   
David Arnold, Straight Shot Technology Start-up Accelerator

May 23   
Nathan Morgan, United Methodist Ministries “Big Garden”

May 30    
No Meeting – Happy Memorial Day!
 Kiwanis Club of Greater Omaha

Speaker: Make A Wish

Make A Wish is international. Nebraska grants 1 wish every 3 days!

Privately funded 501(c)3. Money raised in Nebraska, says in Nebraska. 
Wishes are granted for children that have life threatening illnesses. The referral process is confirmed with the doctor. 
The entire family is included. 
I wish to go … I wish to be…. I wish to meet…. I wish to have…..
Impact – it’s a state of mind. 96% of health professionals see improvement in emotional health. 
Health Strength and Joy
Thanks , Lauren for sharing the Make A Wish story. 

Speaker : Robert Cryne

Iraq: The Neighborhood, Then and Now

Retired in 2014. And is now practicing law in Omaha and teaching at Bellevue University. 
Islam began in Saudi Arabia. 632 AD when The Prophet passed but not any of his sons survived to adulthood. This began the splits into sects. 

A great history lesson and how this impacts the geo-political matters in that area. 
Thank you for all the information. 

March Speaker Recap

We have had the privilege of great speakers this spring. We thank all the speakers for the excellent information. 

Mary Crosby: Bethlehem House
Gave an inspirational message about women in crisis going through pregnancy; some coming off of abandonment and drug abuse.  Bethlehem House provides support during and after pregnancy to women who are homeless nut who choose life for their child.  Bethlehem House – not a shelter but a home.  info@bethlehemhouseomaha.orgwww.bethlehemhouseomaha.org

Deepak Khazanchi: Associate dean – Academic Affairs – UNO College of IST
Gave an informative talk about the scarcity of qualified IT people not only in our community but nationwide.  Rod Muench has organized a visit by the 8th grade class of sacred Heart to tour the UNO facility on Tuesday, April 14.  Look under upcoming events for details.

A Sister representing the Sisters of Mercy presented the history of the organization; now celebrating 150 years of service in Omaha.  Interesting because this service preceded Nebraska statehood.  Visit the exhibit at the Durham until April 12.  Particularly interesting was the role the sisters played in the development and its continuing contribution to the history of Omaha.  Think of all the buildings in Omaha and Omaha that have “Mercy” attached to them. 

Tim Schmad: The Omaha Community Playhouse.
Gave the past and present status of the Playhouse; from its humble beginnings in 1925 to its modern-day contribution to the performing arts in our community.  Check out the World Herald article of March 30.

Keith “Sparky” Clark: All-Play and the Children’s Miracle Baseball League

Keith presented the All-Play plans at the Division 20 meeting on March 4.  He challenged all Division 20 clubs to step-to-the-plate and volunteer this summer at the All-Play facility.  He also presented a challenge for clubs to sponsor a team for $500.  Our club’s Board of Directors voted to sponsor a club.  

Speakers For February

February 9

Deepka Kahazanchi, PhD
  Fulbright Specialist, 2012-2017
  Professor and Associate Dean for Academic community     Affairs and Internationalization
  College of Information Science and Technology 
  Peter Kiewit Institute

Dr. Kahazanchi arrived in academics after working in management and technical positions with responsibility in designing structures (bridges and buildings) and as a project engineer for a multi-national construction project he received his PhD degree with a specialization in management information systems. He earned his MBA plus obtained his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). 

February 16

Howard E. Gendelman, MD
  Larson Professor of Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases
  Chairman of the Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Neuroscience

Dr. Gendelman’s leadership is credited with the growth of the department of Pharmacology and Experimental Neuroscience to be amongst the top ranked departments (Top 10) worldwide. 

February 23

Bob Danenhauer
  Supervisor of Physical Education and Athletics, OPS
  Omaha Sports Commission

Thanks Bucky for the excellent program! 

Speaker: Fix the Debt

Jack Heidel spoke on the subject ‘Fix the Debt’ to our Kiwanis Club.  He graphically illustrated the dilemma of fixing the national debt.  In 2014 the USA had a $half-trillion deficit.  Interest on the debt was 7% in 2014 but  projected to increase to 16% by 2030 and 20% by 2050.  Medicare/Medicaid alone comprises nearly 50% of total spending so the continued need to provide health care coverage is challenging any solution to the national debt.  Jack has no solution but was simply stating the facts urging us to contact our representatives to find a solution.  
Want to learn more? Visit www.fixthedebt.org

Omaha Airport Authority

Stan Kathol is the lead accountant at the Omaha Airport Authority (OMA). 

Stan brought us up to speed on the OMA Master Plan. 

The next expansion is Terminal expansion for $16M. 
Airlines have changed their business models to make every flight pay. There has been a 14.2% reduction of flights in the industry the last few years. OMA is considered a Medium Hub. 
The entire industry had been down but Omaha is up 3% already this year. 
Over the years the Master Plan gives the OMA a phased approach to growth. 

As OMA passenger volume grows, revenues grow as well. OMA is not a taxable entity. OMA collects rents and revenue share from the airlines and vendors. There is also money from the government transportation fund. 
Thanks Stan for all the interesting information.