All About AllPlay


Bruce Froendt is the president of AllPlay in Omaha. 
There is a barrier free play structure next to the AllPlay baseball fields. A splash park was also recently added. 
A concession stand is available. 
The facility is available for sign up and open daily. Rent-able for $75 when not in use by the Miracle Baseball League. 
There are 200 of these Miracle leagues nationwide. 

Ever child plays for free. 

Bruce speaking to the club

All monies go to the kids and facilities. Volunteers can act as a buddy, umpires, and announcers. 
These kids get 14 weeks of play time to be just kids. The season starts May 9. 
Buddies do as little as possible but as much as needed so the kids have a great time. 
There are volunteer opportunities every Saturday. 
There are now 250 kids participating. It takes about $30,000 to keep it free for the kids. 
Website: www  Check out the volunteer tab for 2 hour assignment sign ups. 
Bruce assisted with the recent Benson Park upgrades. He is also helping other communities set up similar facilities. 
Kiwanis Club of Greater Omaha has sponsored a team this season!! Watch for our team schedule but be ready for batter-up on May 9!!